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Diaries of a Russian Mole: the loss of a friend

By Samindra Kunti
Moscow/Rio De Janeiro - The ending is apocalyptic. After 22 matches in eight hosts cities, sixteen sleeper trains, four flights and a wild, overnight taxi ride from Kazan to Samara, it’s time for the denouement of the Russia World Cup, a tournament that revived international football and restored the World Cup as the pinnacle of the game. France, twenty years after the Zizou generation, prevail in a final that embodies the majority of the other 63 matches  - it’s a compelling spectacle but not overflowing with quality.In the downpour during the trophy presentation Vladimir Putin has a brolly, ...


Odessa Swarts and son Wayde van Niekerk share personal journeys in new Olympic Channel documentary APART

MADRID, July 19, 2018 – Odessa Swarts was a promising sprinter in South Africa who was denied the chance to compete internationally during apartheid. Now, a generation later, her son is an Olympic  champion. In APART, a new documentary from the Olympic Channel, Swarts and her son, Wayde van Niekerk, share their personal journeys against the context of apartheid and history of sports in South Africa. Featured as part of the award-winning series “Foul Play”, APART is now available worldwide on and its mobile apps. APART (23 min./documentary), showcases how the power ...
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Indian journalists seek protection in the face of deteriorating press freedom

By Nava Thakuria
GUWAHATI, July 18, 2018 - We concluded the first half of 2018 with a shocking piece of news that broke from America, one of the professed liberal spaces for journalists on Earth. A gunman stormed into the newsroom of a Maryland newspaper in the USA and killed five media employees. DANGEROUS TIMES The shooting incident of June 28, 2018 at Capital Gazette in Annapolis which eliminated news-desk personnel Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John Mcnamara, Wendi Winters etc., was a reminder that journalists across the globe - not only those working in the conflict zones - are facing dangerous times. India ...


Sport rises above shadows of war in the Balkans

By Nenad Djurovic
BELGRADE, July 17, 2018 - “Even though you are from Bosnia, Croatia was part of former Yugoslavia, so congrats. I was rooting for Croatia the whole World Cup. I knew they were the better team in each game I predicted. There is the rich history that comes from Yugoslavian soccer that many people don’t know.”That was the message of one citizen of the United States of America, a friend of my aunt who lives in Miami. He pointed out the essence of the football storm caused by the 'Vatreni' in Russia. From being the grey area of Europe, the Balkans were was suddenly in the spotlight thanks to the Croatian ...
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