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Thompson gets round one, but rivalry with Schippers has just begun

by Marie van der Donk, AIPS Young Reporter, The Netherlands
DOHA, May 5, 2017 - ''On your marks'' are no strange words for Dafne Schippers and Elaine Thompson; they have been waiting eight months to hear them one more time: after those words, they both know it’s total war. In fact they have never hidden they will never be best friends.

Last time the Dutch prevailed over the Jamaican in the 200m, it was the Diamond League like in Doha now, and it was clear to everybody it was the beginning of a heated rivalry.

With all the eyes over the two runners, Dafne showed some confidence giving a sharp look to her rival in the next lane. Elaine responded just ignoring the opponent, simply tying her hair while smiling relaxed at the camera, before sitting over the blocks. At the end it was Thompson the one with more confidence: she overcame Schippers thanks to a better start, a gap the Dutch could not fill.

Thompson's win arrives with a just decent 22.19; Schippers ended second with 22.45 (against almost 2 meters of wind).

“In my last meters I realized I could not win. But as I always say, I just run my own race. I am not concerned about my opponent. I felt good, but it was not enough this time” Schippers told AIPS.

As per the growing rivalry between the two, Schippers is playing things down: ''After the race I gave her a hug, and then we went our own way.''

Until next race. Diamond League has 14 dates and a four-carat diamond as a prize: surely these two ladies will fight hard to bring home that “rock”.
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