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May 28, 2017
Special Olympics Colombia challenges FIFA and EA Sports to biggest act of inclusion

Special Olympics Colombia's “Man of the Match” campaign is challenging FIFA and EA Sports to a new level of global inclusion (Photo: SOC)
by Alejandro Munevar, AIPS Young Reporter, Colombia

BOGOTA, May 28, 2017 - Special Olympics Colombia (SOC) has challenged EA Sports to create a new version of the popular football video game FIFA, to make it more real than ever.

The campaign, called “Man of the Match”, is an initiative which is not about using technology to create more credible movements or realistic plays, as we are used to in the EA Sports franchise, it is about including all kind of players; even those with intellectual disabilities. With this, Special Olympics Colombia wants to make it clear to the world that the inclusion can be generated in any activity and any reality that is developed.

Special Olympics Colombia wants to raise awareness about inclusion, by playing a unified game, not only in Colombia or in Latin America, but worldwide, “If we want to be accepted and welcomed by society, being in a video game is a great start,” Ana María Gallo, Executive Director of Special Olympics Colombia, told AIPS.

The idea is to demonstrate that inclusion is possible in every single act, even in a video game - in this way Special Olympics Colombia looks to reach different stakeholders, both locally and internationally.

The big challenge for SOC is not appearing in a video game - this is a means for the message about playing unified to arrive to a greater amount of audiences. The real challenge is inspiring global communities to accept special athletes, and treat them as equals. “If we were to manage to be in a video game like FIFA, it will be the biggest act of inclusion in the world,” said Gallo.

“In a game in where a player’s ability is assumed to be the most important factor, we want our players to give something different - love, confidence – values that are as important in sport as they are in life.”

The “Man of the Match” campaign has made it to an impressive national level, with Colombia national team hero and captain of AS Monaco Radamel Falcao Garcia, having shown his support for the initiative through social media. SOC doesn’t want to stop there though, they want even FIFA President Gianni Infantino to know about “The Man of The Match”…

(Source: Facebook, Radamel Falcao)

Watch the full video here.

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