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Casa Italia to host first ever mixed Korean taekwondo team at PyeongChang 2018

Italian Olympic Committee President Giovanni Malagň speaking to AIPS at Casa Italia in PyeongChang, Korea.
by Rayane Moussallem, AIPS Media

PYEONGCHANG, February 9, 2018 - The President of the Italian Olympic Committee Giovanni Malagň confirmed that the joint North and South Korean taekwondo team, who will partipicate for the first time at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, will be the guest of Casa Italia on Saturday, February 10 to assist to an exhibition.

The mixed team is another sign of the important dialogue between the two Koreas following the unified Korean women's ice hockey team which will compete at the Games, which inspired Malagň to invite them to Casa Italia.

He told AIPS: “Following the situation of the ice hockey, we will host in Casa Italia a groundbreaking exhibition in taekwondo, the sport that is considered a “religion” in this area and very popular in both Koreas with a lot of traditions. Representatives of North and South Korea will organize with the President of Italian Federation Angelo Cito this meeting. I think that all the countries are trying to support as much as they can the opportunity to create a closer relation with both Koreas.”

Casa Italia, which is located at Yongpyong Golf Club between the beautiful mountains of PyeongChang, provides the best facilities to the Italian athletes, journalists, trainers and members of delegation. It offers the Italians the chance to feel at home with the atmosphere created by the architecture, the elegant interior design style and traditional Italian food.

Malagň explained: "Casa Italia is a unique thing inside this fantastic Olympics world. It is unique because the logistics are extraordinary and we are in the middle of a fantastic landscape and at the same time very close to the venues. It is a place where we can show to the world the excellence of Italy, to support our partners such as Georgio Armani who is sponsoring our athletes with the EA7 brand. You can eat Italian food cooked by a chef coming from a fantastic place that has a huge tradition in ski, Cortina d'Ampezzo where we will host the World Ski Championships in 2021. Here you can smell the atmosphere of Italian style. You can also meet all the other stakeholders of our community: the press, the media, the IOC members, the president of international federations and the other sponsors. It is a fusion of sports, culture and exposition of our products and it is a place that we are honored to organize."

The World Taekwondo Federation, headquartered in Seoul, is headed by South Korean Choue Chung-won while the International Taekwon-Do Federation is led by North Korean Ri Yong-son. The WT is the official international federation for taekwondo, as recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Delegations from WTK and ITF will be present at the exhibition as well as IOC North Korean member Chang Ung.

“I think this is a fantastic success for IOC in this edition of the Games because the world knows that until few months/weeks ago maybe we can say it was very complicated in this part of the world and what happened is fantastic. The opportunity to create a unique group with two different flags and in particularly the great idea to support the team of ice hockey of South Korea with two athletes from the North is symbolically the most important goal of these Games.” Malagň concluded.

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