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Contemporary sports journalism and media convergence take centre stage at first ever AIPS training in Ethiopia

A group of participants of the "Contemporary sport journalism and media convergence" training hosted by AIPS, ESJA and EOC. (Photo: ESJA)
by Haileegziabher Adhanom, Secretary General, ESJA

ADDIS ABABA, April 15, 2018 - In today’s world where every sport enthusiast has the opportunity access news during and immediately after an event, simply reporting the results is a thing of the past. The first ever two-day AIPS training in Ethiopia (April 14-15) with the partnership of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee (EOC) and Ethiopian Sport Journalists Association (ESJA) gave a greater emphasis on empowering the journalists present to be prepared to became professionals of the contemporary world as well as the future.

Capacity building

This one-of-a-kind capacity building training held by AIPS lecturer and experienced Italian journalist Riccardo Romani, at the Azzeman Hotel in Addis Ababa, covered the key issues facing sports journalists and journalism in a broader way. Finding the perfect balance between speed and accuracy in reporting, the in-depth preparation needed to produce contents that are different and relevant, and adapting to the changing world of media by multi-tasking were some of the issues that were addressed in the first day of the Romani explained how a journalist in this new media era cannot be one dimensional, a journalist has to write, capture and edit pictures and videos if they wants to stay in the the ever-changing landscape of the profession.

Italian journalist Ricardo Romani led the training programme. (Photo: ESJA)

Ethics in sports journalism

Ethics is another issue, that might be one of the most dicussed and taught, but that is always worth devotion attention to. Journalism ethics, will be the topic addressed on the final day of the training. This is another key issue where contemporary journalists are facing the real battle to keep the independence in their job, in an era where finance, sponsorship and politics have a greater power in sport.

Legendary support

Athletics legend and current president of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation, Haile Gebresilassie, also attended the training to show his support for journalists in the country. The two-day event will end with an AIPS Diploma ceremony for journalists who have completed this unique and crucial training.

Athletics great and President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation, Haile Gebresilassie (L) with AIPS lecturer Riccardo Romani. (Photo: ESJA)

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