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A new chapter for the specialised AIPS Commissions

The AIPS Working Group met in Vigevano, Italy.L-R: William Kings (ENG), Anton Waldmann (GER), Joe Langer (AUT), Jura Ozmec (CRO), Emanuel Fantaneanu (ROM), Gianni Merlo (ITA), Marc Ventouillac (FRA), Günter Pfeistlinger (AUT), Thorsten vom Wege (GER). (Photo by Andrea Giannini)
by Thorsten vom Wege, AIPS Handball Commission

What will be the main goal of AIPS in the future? Is the structure of the organisation good enough for the 21st century? How we can develop AIPS as a team which can be helpful for all sports journalists?

Three small questions, but with a profound impact on our profession. Hence, in Vigevano, some of the commissions met to face the challenges and take a first step. Football, Athletics, Nordic Skiing and Biathlon, Badminton, Judo, Figure Skating, Handball and Rowing were at the table and engaged with AIPs President Gianni Merlo and the members of the Executive Jura Ozmec, Joe Langer and Emanuel Fantaneanu about solutions for a new structure of the special commissions. Some ideas were born, some other ideas buried.

The meeting lasted for more than eight hours, focusing on the tasks of the commissions, their position in the AIPS system and new ways to create value for the members and all sports journalists.

I was there as a representative for Nordic Skiing, Biathlon and for Handball as well. The following points were retained. The commissions will be an important part of the whole organisation also in the future.

The structure of the groups can be changed – the focus must be on the ability to work. The organisational form is not decisive. Results are important, not the number of members. The Handball commission has seven members, including specialists for Photo, New Media, Radio and TV, and Press.

Cooperation with world associations and continental associations in sports must be stronger than ever before. Handball has been proactive. The group and Jura Ozmec from AIPS met the European Handball Federation during the European Championships in January in Croatia. We discussed points of mutual interest.

* The work of the commissions should be more predictable and billable.

The head of the Commission (President, Chairman, Ambassador- the name is still being decided on) is the first contact for the AIPS and the associations.

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