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A dawn of new light: Ghana Women's football league secures long-awaited sponsorship

Representative of Freshpak, the new sponsors of Ghana's women's football league met with female sports journalists in Accra in a discussion on how best to promote the league. (Photo: SWAG)
by Christine Dzakah, AIPS Young Reporter, Ghana

ACCRA, April 16, 2018 – Just like how adopted children find hope when a foster parent come to their rescue, the same was the feelings for many lovers of women’s football in Ghana when a first ever sponsor, Freshpak products came to the aid of the league with a sponsorship package of GHC 500,000 just a few weeks ago.

The 2017/2018 league season which has 16 different teams from the Sothern and the Northern Zone participating has picked up on a very high note in terms of publicity as players who emerge as the most valuable per match (MVP) are rewarded with airtime accordingly.

The sponsors officially met with female sports journalists on Friday to discuss how they can help promote the league which has since it commencement in 2012 struggled to make the airwaves.

The key issue discussed was to throw more light on the hard work of these young ladies so that the public will know exactly what they are doing.

“We the Group Nduom and the Freshpak Producers would want you to come on board and use your Social Media platforms and your media outfit to promote the Women’s league so that there can be equality in the game” Nana Ofori Owusu, the Managing Director said.

The joy and smiles on the faces of these players and the club owners who have invested their own money to run the business for years without getting anything in return when the sponsorship deal was announced, showed how important it is for female athletes to benefit fairly from the support of corporate bodies who turn to support men’s sport most often.

It is heart breaking when women get less paid but equally play 90 minutes of football, running around the pitch just like their male counterparts and even sometimes in critical physical conditions to receive little for their efforts and sweats.

The question is if other professions are working on cutting the gender pay gap, why is this not being experienced in sport? There is hope now that the situation in Ghana will change since the National Women’s League has now secured sponsorship and the Ghana Premier League is yet to boast of one.

Most people hope that our female athletes will be motivated to do what they love best.

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