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May 14, 2009
Romanian Football Federation celebrates Centenary

From left: Gheorghe Nicolaescu, Gheorghe Mitroi - veteran of the Romanian soccer press, Mircea Sandu – president of the Romanian Football Federation and Ovidiu Ioanitoaia – director of Gazeta Sporturilor celebrate 100 years of the Romanian Federation. Photo/Nicu Profir
by Emanuel Fantaneanu, AIPS Executive Committee Member and Romanian

BUCHAREST, May 14, 2009 - 100 years! The Romanian Football Federation has celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The federation was founded on May 12, 1909 and Romanian football has had a long life with many good moments, and some not so good.

“This is a wonderful anniversary because at the moment Romanian soccer is n a positive position and improving its place in Europe and the World,” said Mircea Sandu, President of the Romanian Federation and UEFA Executive Committee Member.

A celebration was attended by personalities from both Romanian and international football, such as UEFA President Michel Platini, former President Lennart Johansson, and Secretary General David Taylor together with Romanian sports officials Mrs Monica Iacob Ridzi, Minister of Youth and Sports, Mrs Mariana Bitang, State Counselor of the Romanian presidency, and Mr Octavian Bellu, State Secretary.

During a gala celebration the Romanian Football Federation granted approximately 150 awards with the rank of Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire to former players, coaches, leaders and to journalists who have stood out throughout the decades.

Since the birth of the federation many players, coaches and personalities have been enshrined in the Romanian Soccer Hall of Fame including: Ion Alexandrescu, Mircea Angelescu, Alexandru Apolzan, Ilie Balaci, Iuliu Baratki, Miodrag Belodedici, Silviu Bindwea, Iulian Bodola, Coloman Braun, Stefan Carjan, Gheorghe Constantin, Mircea David, Emerich Dembrovschi, Stefan Dobay, Nicolae Dobrin, Helmut Duckadam, Florea Dumitrache, Ilie Dumitrescu, Virgil Economu, Zoltan Farmati, Mihai Flamaropol, Dudu Georgescu, Stefan Covaci, Marius Lacatus, Silviu Lung, Ionut Lupescu, Nicula Raducanu, Ilie Oana, Ion Oblemenco, Titus Ozon, Dan Petrescu, Iosif Petchovschi, Gheorghe Popescu, Valentin Stanescu Andrei Sepci, Constantin Teasca, Traian Tomescu, Ion Voinescu and Gheorghe Hagi.

When one focuses on the growth and development of Romanian football over the past 100 years we must not forget the media, in particular the specialized sports press which has developed around the game of football.

At this auspicious time it is proper that the Romanian Sports Press Association recognized the national football federation, and in return, a number of top journalists were recognized with top awards: Gheorghe Mitroi, Gheorghe Nicolaescu, Laurentiu Dumitrescu, Ion Ghitulescu, Cristian Topescu, Ovidiu Ioanitoaia, Ion Bocioaca and others.

The Romanian sports press has a long history with the first specialized journal published in 1889 and the Romanian Sports Press Association set up in 1927. Football, as well as many other disciplines have graced the pages of many publications and the Romanian sports media has made a great contribution towards the development of Romanian sport.

If we remember only the soccer journalist at this particular time we must think of Toma Alexandrescu, Constantin Alexe, Calin Antonescu, Eugen Barbu, Jacques Berariu, Vasile Cabulea, Ioan Chirila, Teoharie Coca Cosma, Ion Cupen, Laurentiu Dumitrescu, Constantin Diamantopol, Constantin Firanescu, petre Gatu, Ion Ghitulescu, Grigore Ilisei, Eftimie Ionescu, George Ionescu, Mircea M.Ionescu, Teodor Mateescu, George Mihalache, Gheorghe Minoi, Gheorghe Mitroi, Ion Muresanu, Aurel C. Neagu – a former AIPS Vice-president, Fanus Neagu, Ghorghe Nertea, Ghorghe Nicolaescu, dan Patrascu, Nicolae Secosan, Stelian Trandafirescu, Mircea Tudoran, Radu Urziceanu, Cristian Topescu, Dan Voicila - all members of the Romanian Sports Press Association, and AIPS.

The sports press and sport and running together for victory!

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