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April 17, 2013
President Gianni Merlo re-elected AIPS President

AIPS President Gianni Merlo after he was voted unopposed.(Photo by Egor Aleev)
by Natalia Donets, AIPS Young Reporter - Moldova
SOCHI, April 17, 2013 - President Gianni Merlo, unopposed for the position of AIPS chief, was unanimously reelected at the congress. The latest 4 year office term became the third for Merlo. Esat Yilmaer of Turkey, remained in the position of the First Vice-President.
The President Sports Media Austria Michael Kuhn will join the Executive as the AIPS treasurer.
A number of candidates have contested the positions of the Vice-President and members of the board.

As the result of the voting, Laima Janusonyte-Steinhoff(Lithuania), Nickolai Dolgopolov(Russia), Mohammad Al Malki(Qatar) and Haifeng Zhang(China), who were also part of the previous executive were named Vice-Presidents.
The voting procedure, where 52 countries represented the majority, took place electronically. In total, 103 countries took part in the voting procedure.
PresidentGianni Merlo (Italy)(Unopposed)
1st Vice PresidentEsat Yilmaer( Turkey)(Unopposed)
TreasurerMichael Kuhn(Austria) 67Manoucher Zandi (Iran) 31
Vice Presidents(4)Nikolai Dolgopolov (Russsia) 93Zhang Haifeng (China) 88Al Malki Mohammed (Qatar) 81Laima Janusonyte-Steinhiff (Lithuania) 80Manoucher Zandi (Iran) 38
MembersEvelyn Watta(Kenya) 85 Dobor Deszo (Hungary) 77 Vicente Dattoli(Brazil) 77 Hiroshi Takeuchi(Japan) 76 Emanuel Fantaneanu(Romania) 75 Hee Don Jung(Korea) 71 Jean Paul Savart(France) 69 Jalal Bouzrara(Morocco) 69Ernesto Ortiz Gomez(Uruguay) 65 Barry Newcombe(Great Britain) 56Bin Hussain Abdulla Ibrahim(UAE) 54 Jura Ozmec(Croatia) 52 ----------------------------Montesinos Delvaty (Cuba) 51 Zidar Joze (Slovenia) 50Maurice Loiseau(Belgium) 49 Jerzy Jakobsche(Poland) 48Alan Abrahmson(USA) 45Otgonbaatar Chultem(Mongolia) 44Malik Amjad Aziz(Pakistan) 38Mahmudzade Nargiz(Azerbaijan) 37 Raul Salguero (Mexico) 34
Second round members voting
Malik Amjad Aziz(Pakistan) 25 Montesinos Delvaty E(Cuba) 19 Otgonbaatar Chultem(Mongolia) 11Maurice Loiseau 11Jerzy Jakobsche(Poland) 11Alan Abrahamson(USA) 10Zidar Joze (Slovenia) 6 Mahmudzade Nargiz(Azerbaijan) 6
The first 12 attained the required 50+1 majority.
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