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Austria Tirol House ready to welcome distinguished guests at AIPS Winter Olympic journalists celebration
Austria Tirol House as seen from the outside. Photo/sochi.tirol.at
By Edna Zhou, AIPS
SOCHI, February 7, 2014 - Tomorrow, Olympic journalists who have covered six or more Winter Games will be honored at a special ceremony hosted by AIPS, the Austrian NOC, and Austria Tirol House.

The awardees will be welcomed by Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann and Austrian Sports Minister Gerald Klug; as well as IOC members including Vice President Nawal El Moutawakel, chairman of the IOC Press Commission Kevan Gosper, and Olympic champion and IOC member Yumilka Ruiz.

Also in attendance will be Peter Schroecksnadel, president of the Austrian Ski Federation; and former Austrian legends Egon Zimmerman, Olympic downhill champion at the Games in Innsbruck 1964; Karl Schranz, giant slalom silver medalist in 1964; and Leonard Stock, downhill gold medalist at Lake Placid in 1980, among others.

International Federation presidents including Marius Vizer, president of SportAccord and the International Judo Federation, and Marisol Casado, president of the International Triathlon Union, will also be present.

To honor their achievements, journalists will be presented with a commemorative Sochi 2014 award and certificate.

The event will begin at 10:30, with the official program starting at 11:00. Austria Tirol House is located in the Mountain Cluster of Krasnaya Polyana, and will take approximately an hour to reach from the Coastal Cluster.

Following the success of London 2012, where they were one of the most popular and frequented national hospitality houses, Austria Tirol House is once more bringing the charm of the Alps to Sochi. Their spacious and elegant space, which resembles a cozy ski lodge with open fireplaces and wooden paneling, features the best of Tirolean hospitality for Olympic athletes, officials, and fans alike to relax and enjoy during the Games.

Click here to see a video of Austria Tirol House and message from Michael Kuhn, AIPS Treasurer, and Josef Margreiter, Director of Tirolwerbung.
How to get to Austria House

From the MPC:

1. Take the train from Olympic Village station (the one closest to the MPC) and ride it one stop to Olympic Park (the end of the line).

This train runs every ten minutes. It is suggested to take the 9:13 or 9:23 train at the latest.

2. At Olympic Park, transfer to the R4 train going to Krasnaya Polyana. Get off at the very last stop -- Krasnaya Polyana train station.

This train runs ONCE an hour. Therefore it is imperative to take the 9:38 train to make our event on time.

From elsewhere:

1. Get to Olympic Park train station -- there are numerous bus and train lines that run here, or it is possible to walk there from the Olympic Park.

- Take the train R4, as described above. Once again, you must take the train by 9:38 to make our event.

- Take the bus B11, which runs every 15 minutes. It is recommended to take the 9:06, 9:21, or 9:36 bus at the latest.

Austria Tirol House is located directly next to both Krasnaya Polyana train station and the bus hub. The Austria Tirol House sign should be easily seen from both.

However, in case it is not clearly visible:

From the train station exit, keep left to go towards the street, past the security gates. Turn right, walk 50m and you'll see the entrance for Austria Tirol House on the right.

From the bus stop, walk towards the "Krasnaya Polyana" train station sign, but keep to the left on the sidewalk (do not enter the security checkpoint). Austria Tirol House will be straight ahead, entrance on the right.

If lost, please contact:

Edna Zhou, AIPS: +7 9384544232
Maria Pia Beltran, AIPS: +7 9384544229


The following is a list of journalists present in Sochi who have covered six or more Winter Olympic Games (in alphabetical order by number of Olympics covered):

Peter Frei                      Switzerland            12          Sportinformation Si
Herbert Jung                 Germany                12          Bildbild am Sonntagbild 
Michael Kuhn                 Austria                  12          Austrian Magazine News
Hiro Yakushi                  Japan                    12
Giovanni Merlo               Italy                      11         La Gazzetta dello Sport
Helene Elliott                 USA                       10         LA Times
Michael Farber               Canada                  10         Sports Illustrated
Phil Hersh                      USA                      10         Chicago Tribune
Sammy Minkoff              Germany               10         Sammy Minkoff Photo
John Powers                  USA                       10         Boston Globe
Volker Kluge                  Germany                9          Freelance
Dieter Kuehnle               Germany                9          SID
Bob Martin                     Great Britain           9          Sports Illustrated
Ernst-Friedbert Raulf       Germany                9         Topsport Media
Arthur Thill                     Luxembourg           9          ATP
Christine Brennan           USA                       8          USA Today
Brian Cazeneuve             USA                       8          Sports Illustrated
Vladimir Drbohlav           Czech Republic        8          Ceska Televize
Georg Fraisl                    Austria                   8          Kronen Zeitung
Thomas Haberlein           Germany                8          SID
Lee Martin                      Great Britain           8          Getty Images
Petr Vichnar                    Czech Republic       8          Ceska Televize
Michael Berger                Austria                   7          ORF
Filip Bondy                     USA                       7           New York Daily News
Soenar Chamid               Netherlands            7          Soenar Chamid Sportfotografie
Alexander Chernykh        Russia                    7          Sports.ru
Slavo Cvitkovic               Hungary                 7          HRT
Richard Demak               USA                       7          Sports Illustrated
Jon Eeg                          Norway                  7       
Andreas Frank                Germany                7           SID
Gary Kemper                  USA                       7       
Jiri Kolis                         Czech Rep              7          Kolis Agency
Lembitu Kuuse               Estonia                   7          Estonian TV/Estonian Public Broadcasting
Tim Layden                    USA                       7          Sports Illustrated
Alain Luzenfichter           France                   7          L’equipe
Jurgen Magh                  Germany                7          SID
Pierangelo Molinaro        Italy                       7          La Gazzetta dello Sport
Alexander Ratner           Russia                    7          Olympic Panorama
Steve Rose                    Great Britain           7          Getty Images
Andreas Schirmer           Germany                7          DPA
Michael Smejkal             Austria                   7          Salzburger Nachrichten
Stefano Vegliani             Italy                       7          Sport Mediaset
Anton Waldmann            Germany                7                         
Georgi Banov                 Bulgaria                  6          24 Chasa Bulgaria
Charles Belle                  USA                       6          National News Publishers Association
Ine Katharina Bjolseth    Switzerland             6          Eurovision
Mattia Chiusano             Italy                       6          La Repubblica
Slavo Citkovic                Croatia                   6          Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Nickolai Dolgopolov        Russia                    6          Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Tono Hoenigmann          Austria                   6          ORF
Ed Hula                         USA                       6          Around the Rings
Hong Jiang                    China                     6          Xinhua
Zhou Jie                        China                     6          Xinhua
Duncan Mackay             Great Britain           6          Inside the Games
Judger Oto                    Mongolia                 6         Mongolia NOC/MSPU

Matteo Pacor                  Italy                      6          Sky Italia
Boris Titov                     Russia                    6         Izvestia
Peter Wikstrom              Sweden                  6         Tidningarnas Telegrambyra
Steve Wilson                  USA                       6         AP       

*Note: this list is constantly being updated. Please direct all inquiries to edna.zhou@aipsmedia.com
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Voutsdqtjwh, Hawaii UGANDA
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Les causes du viol vues par la police hongroise
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Cricketers rally around stricken Hughes
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The Ethics 'Iron Lady' of the Olympics

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