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October 11, 2014
Cristian Torino announced as new FAPED President

Cristian Torino, the new President of the he Argentine Sports Press Association

BUENOS AIRES, October 11, 2014 - A change of government was seen at the Assembly held in Mar del Plata for the 46th edition of the International Congress of Sports Journalists of FAPED (The Argentine Sports Press Association) "J. Michael Alfieri". The event was organized by the Circle of Sports Journalists of Mar del Plata from October 7 to 9 with the presence of 20 Circles Sports Press including AIPS America President Gabriel Cazenave.

The opening ceremony took place at the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) chaired by the municipal mayor of Mar del Plata, Gustavo Pulti, part of the ceremony were also president of the Circle of Sports Journalists of Mar del Plata, Armando Fuselli; President of the Sports Journalists Federation of Argentina, René Paz; AIPS America President, Gabriel Cazenave (Paraguay); the owner of "Sports Mar del Plata" Horacio Taccone; Dátoli Vicente, President of the Circle of Sports Journalists of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and member of the AIPS Executive Committee America and the secretary general of the CGT, Pedro Fernández.

During the assembly local mayor Gustavo Pulti, said that "sports journalism has an important place in society, not only embracing a lot of people of different ages and genders but also because the sport conveys values ​​as the idea of ​​the pursuit of achievement through sport effort, generates a common code, diagrams the same models we pretend for a balanced, right and fair society. "

After lunch which was held in the excellent club facilities of Club Aldosivi - the institution that participates in the National B
football tournaments - former Boca player, Alejandro Giuntini, and Athletic Director Aldosivi took part in the meeting. The dinner was held at the Peñarol Club, one of the most awarded institutions in Argentina's basketball elite. In the afternoon, it was time for discussions and presentations, each journalist and representative of various circles could present their concerns, ideas or common problems, to jointly find solutions to situations that occur throughout the country.

The day after included the Annual General Meeting, which brought a change in leadership for the next two years, with Cristian Torino (Circle of Sports Journalists of St. Nicholas) announced as the the new president of FAPED. Gabriel Cazenave, President AIPS America, networked with delegates from around the country in an interesting talk, followed very carefully, referring to the legitimacy of FAPED worldwide, among other considerations. At noon delegations attended a lunch in Santa Clara, where they were received by the highest local authorities.

In the afternoon former player of Las Leonas, Inés Arrondo Olympic medalist and himself originating from Mar de Plata and journalist Paul Abelleira participated in an interesting discussion, each expounding on their experience. Arrondo because of her involvement in one of the most successful cycles for Argentine hockey's worldwide, while Abelleira on what's left from his trip to Cuba. The chat with the Arrondo was very interesting, with each colleague given the chance to ask Ines about her career, who with a pleasant smile did not dodge a single question, even getting excited to tears when she recalled her experience through Las Leonas.

In the evening the entertainment was at Club Once Unidos, one of the largest in the city with a great future projection, here the "Jorge Hannun" award was presented to journalist Juan Carlos Morales from Mar de Plata, a nationally recognized reporter and one of the most important among many in Radio Rivadavia, the station that has the largest football audience, led by José María Muñoz. There was an official delivering of presents to the authorities who visited the Congress, certificates to the Circles present (Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, La Rioja, Santiago del Estero, Chaco parchment Zarate eyed Deer, Mar del Plata, San Pedro, Olavarria, Necochea, San Nicolás, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia, Concepción del Uruguay and Mercedes), flag the organizer Circle in 2015 (Venado Tuerto) and subsequent closing of the 46th Congress FAPED.

The Executive Committee of FAPED was composed as follows:
(Period 2014-2016)

Chair: Cristian Torino (San Nicolás)
First Vice President: Luis Secuelo (Mar del Plata)
Second Vice President: Peter Tacacho (Jujuy)
Secretary: Osmar Grovas (Parchment)
Pro Secretary: Luis Antonelli (eyed Deer)
Treasurer: Mariano Ferrari (Zarate)
Pro Treasurer: Carlos Bernasconi (Chaco)

Members Headlines:
1 - René Alfredo Paz (Santiago del Estero)
2 - Aldo Comte (Concepción del Uruguay)
3 - Ramón Herrera (Catamarca)
4 - Carlos Franchi (St. Nicholas)
5 - Román Baca (San Pedro)

Vowel Substitutions:
1 - Hugo Gómez (Trelew)
2 - Julio Elías (Santiago del Estero)
3 - Mario Marcolin (eyed Deer)
4 - Mario Albarracin (La Rioja)
5 - Mario Coppola (Olavarria)

Reviewers Headlines Accounts:
1 - Leandro Palomieri (eyed Deer)
2 - Santiago Veiga (Necochea)
3 - Juan de Dios Francesetti (Mercedes)

Reviewers Alternate Accounts:
1 - Manuel García (Comodoro Rivadavia)
2 - Gustavo Burgardt (Olavarria)
3 - Carlos Vega (La Rioja)

Court of Honor:
1 - Luis Sansalone (St. Nicholas)
2 - Fernando Calvetti (Jujuy)
3 - Edward Black (Zarate)
4 - Braulio Ruiz (Comodoro Rivadavia)

Regional Advisers:
1 - Luis Molodesky (Litoral)
2 - Jaime Mariano (center west)
3 - Oscar Costs (Patagonia)
4 - Hector Albano (Buenos Aires)

Honorary President: Hugo Lencina

International Delegates:
1 - René Paz (Santiago del Estero)
2 - Hector Pela (Zarate)

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