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March 3, 2015
AIPS inks new relationship with ICSS / Save the Dream to protect sport

AIPS President Gianni Merlo (right) and Massimiliano Montanari, Chief of Cabinet President Office shake hands following the official signing of the agreement between AIPS and ICSS. Photo/Carlo Pozzoni

PARIS, March 3, 2015 - With new stories of match-fixing, corruption and illegal betting continuing to emerge around the world, the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and International Sports Press Association (AIPS) have joined forces today at the 78th AIPS Annual Congress to strengthen the fight to protect the values and integrity of sport.

As the representative body for sport journalists around the world, AIPS will work with the ICSS and its Save the Dream initiative across a range of activities and programmes to promote and exchange information and best practice in the field of sport integrity and sport values.

In particular, the ICSS and Save the Dream will contribute to the AIPS Young Sports Reporter Programme at various major sport events around the world. ICSS experts will also share content with AIPS members with the aim of developing a special handbook that will educate young journalists about the values and integrity of sport.

AIPS Young Reporters will also contribute to the new Save The Dream and digital video channel that will spread positive stories about the values of sport.

Speaking at the 78th AIPS Congress, Gianni Merlo, AIPS President, said:

“Threats like match-fixing and illegal betting are cancers that destroy the very soul of sport. As journalists, corruption threatens the future of our profession and we must engage in the fight to protect sport.

“As we look to strengthen our ties in the fight for clean sport, I am pleased that AIPS has today joined forces with the ICSS - who are one of the world’s top sport safety, security and integrity experts.

“This new relationship between AIPS and the ICSS will also hopefully provide a clear, united and important signal to the outside world, as well as educating a new generation of young reporter to protect the values and integrity of sport.”

Mohammed Hanzab, ICSS President said:

“Transparency is corruption’s greatest enemy and media plays a crucial role in shining a light on issues that affect sport’s credibility and integrity.

“On behalf of the ICSS, I would like to thank AIPS for this new partnership and look forward to supporting their fight for clean and fair sport.

“At the ICSS, we believe that education and training are important areas that will help safeguard sports future. Through this partnership, it is hoped that young journalists will develop a strong understanding of the many issues that sport now faces, as well as equip them with the tools to protect it for future generations.”

About the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS)

The ICSS is an international, independent and not-for-profit organisation. With an aim to improve security, safety and integrity throughout the world of sport; the ICSS works with governments, federations, clubs, leagues and event organisers. The ICSS provides expertise, services and global knowledge - advising on event and venue safety, strategic security and investigations into corruption in sport.

For more details please visit or follow ICSS on twitter at @the_ICSS.

About Save the Dream

Save the Dream has been conceived by the International Centre for Sport Security and the Qatar Olympic Committee to promote and protect the core values of sport for young people at a global level. Save the Dream works to empower youth and inspire societies towards a sport free from corruption, violence, discrimination and any other misconduct.

In pursuit of these aims, several projects have been undertaken including:

· Educational workshops in schools across Qatar as part of the Schools Olympic Program

· Encouraging young sports fans in high schools across Italy through the programme Tifiamo Positivo/Let’s Cheer Positively

· Partnering with UNICEF and child protection organisations in Brazil to protect children from violence and discrimination during major sporting events

· An innovative large-scale photography project in collaboration with Magnum Photos during the 2014 Football World Cup.

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