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March 11, 2016
AJSA honors sports journalists on International Women's Day

by Ahmed Achour, AJSA
ALGIERS, March 10, 2016 - A most convivial ceremony was held on the morning of March 8 in a conference room at the Tahar-Djaout Media Centre May 1. The event was
organized on the occasion of International Women's Day, in order to honor all those who, through their writing, their stories, comments or photos, have contributed
to the development and reputation of Algerian sport.
These are all women journalists who choose to express themselves, to speak and to invest in an environment where male presence is
enormously significant, namely in sport. These women defy the restrictions and taboos, and can be found in stadiums and sports halls, where, already, their
male colleagues have difficulties obtaining the information they seek, all in order to inform.

The ceremony, organized by the Association of Algerian Sports Journalists (AJSA), a member of AIPS since 1995, was privileged to have among its distinguished guests members Algerian Olympic Committee, including its president Mustapha Berraf, renowned Algerian athlete and former Olympic and world champion at 1500m Hassiba Boulmerka, Olympic bronze medalist and world judo champion Soraya Haddad, decorated African judo champion Salima Souakri, and former coach of the national football team, Nacer Sandzak. Also present was another great athletics champion, 1978 African champion at 800m, Sakina Boutamine, now a sports journalist.

President of the ASJA Omar Kharoum, expressed his admiration for all those present and "for the courage and tenacity of sports journalists.”

“For men, it is already not easy to attend sports arenas, sometimes dangerous, often hostile and generally poor amenities to exercise properly and without constraints. For sports journalists each mission on the ground is a challenge. But the compensation is great. Sports journalism marks a career mark, marks a life," the ASJA president highlighted.

For his part, the President of COA, Mustapha Berraf, said he was "honored to participate in this ceremony for those who have a lot of merit in doing a difficult job.

“Know that the Olympic body considers you, like all other journalists, as full members of the national sports movement," Berraf said.

Each of the honored journalists received a plaque of recognition and thanks for all services rendered to the profession.

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