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Paraguay to host South American Athletics Championships in June

The track, in Luque city, was inaugurated last October and will host the Area Championships this June. (Photo: Fatima Martinez)
by Fatima Martinez, AIPS Young Reporter, Paraguay

ASUNCION, April 19, 2017 – For the first time in its history, Paraguay will host an Absolute South American Athletics Championships. The event, to be held between June 23 -25 will give athletes qualifying tickets for the IAAF World Championships London 2017.

The Ecuadorian city of Cuenca was supposed to host the tournament initially, however, according to the South American Athletics Confederation (Consudatle) the track didn’t fulfil the necessary requirements. The venue change was decided at the end of March during the Consudatle Congress in Brazil.

Paraguay’s Athletics Federation (PAF) will host the event at its brand new IAAF-approved track, located in the Paraguayan Olympic Committee’s park, in the city of Luque.

The track was inaugurated last October and it held its first international event just recently in April where a Grand Prix meeting served as a test event for the facilities.

Entrepreneur Miguel Carrizosa, a former politician, athlete, tennis and swimming leader, assumed the role of PAF president just last month. The week after, he accepted the challenge to organize the meeting.

Asked on what the key to successfully hosting the South American Athletics Championships was, Carrioza said: “I’d rather not to say, because there are many little details. It is not just one big detail that achieve success. It all counts, the speakers, fast results, screens boards. There are many tiny things we’re listing in this short period of time to improve.”

The South American champions will qualified directly, as areas winners, to the Worlds in London, so it is expected to gather high profiles. “I think many stars will come. Paraguay is well located and the fact that is a direct-qualifying event for the Worlds is stimulating”, mentioned Carrizosa.

Athlete confirmations were still to come, the PAF President added.

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