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Meet the athletic love birds: Christian Taylor and Beate Schrott

Beate Schrott and Christian Taylor began dating four years ago. (Photo by Olaf Brockmann)
by Caren Kibbett, AIPS Young Reporter, Kenya

BIRMINGHAM, March 10, 2018 - Beate Schrott bowed out of the 60 metres hurdles women after settling for 5th place in her respective heat in a time of 8.27 during IAAF World Indoor Championships, but there is more to the Australian athlete and 100 metres hurdles finalist from London 2012, dating fellow athlete, Christian Taylor.

Taylor is a popular American track and field athlete competing in the triple jump and the double Olympic champions from London 2012 and Rio 2016. The pair met at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, and began seeing each other at training camps. They got to know one another better when Schrott joined the Taylor's training group in 2015. That's when Taylor made it official.

“We were at the 2011 Worlds at Daegu South Korea, had watched her for some time in our trainings and for sure I knew she was the girl. I went ahead and asked her out, but she turned me down. We went separate ways and later met in 2015 where I got to propose again, this time she took me seriously. And here we are, four years and counting and I have all to myself a beautiful, hardworking, God fearing lady. The proverbs 31 lady,” poured out Taylor.

There are definitely some athletes who flaunt their relationship and daily affairs in public with an aim of gaining popularity and entertaining fans. On the other hand, we also encounter some celebrities who prefer to keep their personal life under the radar. After all exposing personal life in public can cause hazards.

“At first we kept it in the pipelines but right now, it’s out there. I know he is the one and there’s nothing to hide anymore. I have met his family, he has met mine too. Despite being from different cultures and religion, we have grown to learn and teach each other what needs to be known,” added Schrott.

Problems are bound to occur when athletes date other athletes as they are subject to experience the season of their ‘better half’: athletes can experience not only their athletic lows, but their partners athletic lows.

“It doesn’t feel great when I play badly at my game and it sure doesn’t feel good when I have to watch my partner have a bad game. Problems like this can surely create some tension in the relationship. But Chris and I have learnt how to build each other, encourage each other no matter what. For we have a life together out of the track,” highlighted Schrott.

“I am honoured to be her supporter, her coach and I must say it’s not only about dealing with one another’s highs and lows but we also have to deal with one another’s game day or game week preparations. For example, when it’s her game day I make sure am there for her, cancel everything on my schedule just to support her and see her build her career,” explained Taylor.

The greatest part of athletes dating is that they understand what they each go through every day. Still, with hectic schedules and demanding training routines, time for romance can come at a premium.

"Chris and I are really good at separating track and field from our regular lives. We are people who really meet the balance and we are two people that cannot really keep from talking about the track after training. Christian has been my training partner, been my absolute coach, absolute physiotherapist and boyfriend,” said Schrott.

“We understand all the time, sweat and occasional tears that go into our athletic careers. But at times we’ve had to pass to spontaneous dates in the middle of the night, workouts at 6 a.m. Say sorry in advance for all the times one of us will hear the words: “I’m sorry I can’t, I have practice,” said Taylor.

One might think: how will athletes with minimal spare time and residing in different countries, date each other?

“As athletes know, playing a sport and being a student or having a job has probably taught them great time management. Just like we make the time to fulfil our athletic and other responsibilities we always make time to see our significant others," said Taylor.

A relationship can, however, also propel the athletic endeavours and careers of a partner, fostering a greater competitive mind. On the eye, Schrott and Taylor have a great chemistry. “Schrott has been such a motivation to me, she has always believed in me when I did not. I have taken the longest break in my career and because of this it will excite you to know that I will be back to better my personal record of 18.21m which ranks second on the all-time list in the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar,” concluded Taylor.

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