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IFBB moves to safeguard bodybuilding's integrity

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kamal Elgargni at an event organized by the NPC (Photo by IFBB)

MADRID, March 13, 2018 - All seems to indicate that in the world of sports some clearly identified sports organizations continue to conduct themselves with absolute impunity, affecting the image of third parties, merely for the sake of material gain, risking competitors’ lives and allowing dishonest ones to follow their course.

Doping and corruption of all kinds are surfacing every day. These are criminal acts, permitted by senior management, coaches, managers, doctors, athletes and others in the field of sports, who cover up their illegal acts efficiently, maintaining a spotless public image. This way, they allow a lack of integrity to contaminate the sports world profoundly, because they are –unfortunately- those who have always required shortcuts to achieve success.

Such is the case of athlete Kamal Abdul Salam Abdul Rahman (also known as Kamal Elgargni), suspended by the Anti-Doping Commission of Qatar in March 2014 until 2022, and who all the same participated in the professional bodybuilding event organized by the National Physique Committee of USA. This misnamed athlete was proclaimed winner of the event, tarnishing the image of the Arnold Sport Festival Columbus and receiving his award from the hands of former governor Schwarzenegger.

The NPC (USA) and its president, Jim Manion, were firstly suspended in September 2017 by the IFBB for their bad practices, and were then expelled by the Federation’s Executive Committee; which was ratified on November the 3rd 2017, in Benidorm, Spain, by the IFBB Congress’s unanimous decision.

The expulsion involves both Mr. Jim Manion and his organization, with immediate effect -as outlined in the resolution- for harmful behavior related to multiple violations of the IFBB Statutes, Code of Ethics and Rules. Furthermore, Jim Manion, President of the Pro League and the NPC have been included in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of Prohibited Associations to operate organizations linked to sport, due to their recurrent violations of the WADA Code, and their offense towards international sport rules.

The official documents have been made public at the AMA’s official website. The publication date was January 12 2018. The IFBB has issued a note informing its affiliates of the situation, which reads: The athlete Mr. Kamal Abdul Salam Abdul Rahman was suspended on April 27 2014,for a period of 8 years, by the Anti-Doping Commission of Qatar, in a resolution adopted by this organization, due to multiple violations of anti-doping regulations.

-The athlete has repeatedly solicited a Pro Card, whose approval was denied by the IFBB, in the suspension, and with due respect to the WADA Code, the Anti-Doping Committee of Qatar and all parties involved.

-Mr. Kamal has full awareness of his situation, and thus, is deliberately lying in public.

-Mr. Manion and the Pro League were aware of the case, and the IFBB informed them on several occasions, the last one being on March 2017.

-Once more, Mr. Manion and the Pro League have violated the international norms, abusing and tainting the image of third parties.

-Mr. Jim Manion, President of the NPC and President of the Pro League, is included inthe WADA’s Prohibited Associations list.

We disclose these events so they elicit clean sport’s disdain and repudiation, and warn about the high exposure and peril some human lives are being subjected to, lives which certain unscrupulous and money-driven individuals put at risk using sport as a mean.

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