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Competing in a contemporary media world: Ethiopian sports journalists enthusiastic for future AIPS trainings

The participants of the 'Contemporary sports journalism, Media Convergence and Ethics' training programe in Addis Ababa, the first of it's kind in Ethiopia. (Photo: ESJA)
by Haileegziabher Adhanom, Secretary General, ESJA

ADDIS ABABA, April 16, 2018 - Addressing the issue of journalism ethics was the last topic of the first ever AIPS capacity building training for Ethiopian sport journalists in partnership with the Ethiopian Olympic Committee and AIPS Ethiopia held in Addis Ababa on April 14-15.

In a current world where not only sports but the sport media are highly influenced by finance, sponsorship, politics and many other stakeholders, journalists are expected to maintain their autonomy, if they want to stay in the profession with their most sacred asset, their credibility, uncontaminated.

Journalists, who participated in the training in Addis Ababa, highlighted the importance of these kind of trainings, as, beyond question the most important tool for professional empowerment. Most importantly, as many pointed out, the training comes at the perfect time, when journalists need to be more prepared than ever to succeed in the ever-changing media environment and insisted that AIPS should have these kinds of trainings on a frequent basis.

“It was very intensive, direct and interactive training. It was great to learn practical journalism beyond the theories. Since most of the journalists here are from different educational backgrounds, we badly need such trainings to adapt to contemporary journalism and its challenges. Personally, Ricardo [Romani] motivated me through stories of his ups and downs in this profession. And I hope this is just the first of its kind and many more similar trainings will follow,” said Abiy Wendifraw, one of the journalists who participated in the training.

Another journalist, Selamawit Dejen, told AIPS how much the capacity building meant: “This training showed us what are the realities and challenges of contemporary journalists, to pay full attention for every little detail and it is also wakeup call before it is too late, for journalists to be multi-dimensional in their profession.”

Riccardo Romani, AIPS’s lecturer for this training, which focused mainly on the areas of contemporary sports journalism, media convergence and ethics confirmed that his two-day lectures makes him believe that sport journalism has a great future in Ethiopia.

“After spending the past couple of days with Ethiopian sport journalists, I see the enthusiasm and the passion to become more professional. I see the hunger to listen, to learn more, to be up to date, which I believe are the key factors to become a good reporter,” Romani told AIPS.

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