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Stage is set for 21st AIPS Asia Congress as first delegates arrive in Jeddah

President of the Saudi Sports Media Federation Rajallah Al-Solami ready to welcome delegates from 30 Asian countries to Asia. (Photo: SSMF)
by Amjad Aziz Malik, Secretary General, AIPS Asia
JEDDAH, September 20, 2018 - The 21st AIPS Asia Congress is set to begin in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Sports Media Federation will be hosting this historic event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on 22nd and 23rd of September. It would be the first time that alongside the president of the host continent, the Congress will have the honour of being joined by presidents from other continental sections of the International Sports Press Association; AIPS Africa, Europe and America.

It is pertinent to mention that Saudi Arabia has been actively contributing to the growth of AIPS ASIA and, by extension, AIPS since its inception. Renowned journalist Mr. Rajallah Al-Solami is the current president of the Saudi Sports Media Federation under whose leadership the organizing committee has made excellent arrangements for the meeting.

Arrival of delegates The Asian delegates have already started arriving Jeddah. Apart from the member countries, seven delegates from the rest of the world will also join the Congress as guests. Mr. Sayer Zaland, who is a member of the AIPS Asia Executive Committee, on reaching Jeddah has said, “I feel highly pleased to be in the Kingdom to join the AIPS Asia Congress. This will offer the chance to the delegates to know about the role of sports journalism in the country and surely it will spread a very pleasant message to rest of the world.”

Nepalese delegate Mr. Niranjan Rajbansi, while highlighting how he is looking forward to discussions among the delegates, added: “AIPS Asia has indeed bagged tremendous achievements over the past almost five years. After having convened in Bahrain, Malaysia, Korea and Pakistan, the gathering of AIPS Asia in Saudi Arabia is a clear depiction of the fact that sports journalism progressing well in the continent.”

An achievement The President of AIPS Asia Sattam Al Alsehali, who was elected in 2017, has described the Congress as an achievement of remarkable levels working towards the strengthening of sports journalism in the continent. “This Congress will bring far reaching results in this respect. At the same time, the moot will also contribute a lot in further cementing the bonds of relationships amongst the member countries especially with the host – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," he added.
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