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Bodybuilding is a practice for good life and health

South Korean bodybuilder Kim Il-Hwan pose for judges in the Mr Superbody of the 2017 NABBA/WFF Asia Final on September 2, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)
by Ernesto Gomez, President Circulo de Periodistas Deportivos de Uruguay

Montevideo, November 6, 2018 - "We understand bodybuilding as a physical construction and not the destruction of athletes, with the consumption of harmful substances, explained Dr. Rafael Santonja.

Bodybuilding has long been perceived negatively, but Santonja nuances that. He continues with the forcefulness that characterizes him: "From the IFBB we favor the work of our athletes with professionals, through weights, progressive, symmetrical, muscular, harmonic, integral and systemic. Is this done alone? To be accompanied by healthy nutrition and health care, therefore, it is absolutely opposite and we fight directly, to the use of harmful substances, doing so can bring some satisfaction to the mirror, but it is a deception, because it would destroy lives and also go against the rules of Olympism, with which, from our Federation, we have a clear commitment, but even so, trusting in the rules alone would be simplified and since the IFBB we are above that, there are millions of young people in the world who practice bodybuilding, and we feel responsible for transmitting, good practices, and that are conceived, all our activities in all continents, with permanent training for our offices. ales and athletes, assisting them and working so that we all go in the same direction and because bodybuilding has only one way to go, it is along the path of health and sports. It is for life, from the IFBB, zero tolerance to doping. Athletes must be informed, officials also. We are all responsible for this. "

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