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January 27, 2009
Belarusian sports journalists name top ten athletes for 2008

The 10 best sportsmen of Belarus 2008 Photo/Nastassia Marynina, BSPA

By Nastassia Marynina,

Executive Secretary, Belarusian Sports Press Association

MINSK, January 27, 2009 – The ten best sportsmen of Belarus 2008 have been honoured at a ceremony in the Olympic press centre “Beijing – 2008” at the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk.

The annual award is in its 50th year and a record 136 Belarusian sports journalists took part in the voting.

Three Belarusian Olympic athletes were included in the list of top ten sportsman for 2008: Olympic champion in hammer throw Aksana Miankova, silver medalist of Beijing in decathlon Andrey Krauchanka and silver medalist in shot put Natallia Mikhnevich.

Aksana Miankova received a second honour becoming the nation's best sportswoman for 2008.

“At first I have received a prize as the best sportswoman of year following the results of the voting of fans, and then I was recognised as the best by journalists,”- says Aksana Miankova. “Thanks to all representatives of the mass-media for their work. Your work is about our victories and about our successes and it is important that this is know by people all over the world”.

Aksana presented a special gift to the Museum of Olympic Glory in Minsk - a national flag complete with the autographs of all the Belarusian Olympic champions of Beijing. This is the flag that Miankova ran in with in the Beijing stadium after her victory.

Natallia Mikhnevich received a special applause - a year after the birth of her son she has won a silver medal in shot put. Natallia's success was supported also by her husband Andrey Mikhnevich who is a bronze medalist in shot put.

Andrey Ariamnou (weightlifting) was voted the top sportsman in Belarus.

The crew of Olympic champions became the best national team: Piatrushenka Raman, Vadzim Mahniau, Litvianchuk Arthur, Abalmasau Aliaxey (rowing, a kayak).

The best men team – FC BATE

The best women’s team – National basketball team – 6th places on the Olympic Games-2008.

10 best sportsmen of Belarus 2008:

1. Ariamnau Andrey (weightlifting) - 1258 points

2. Miankova Aksana (athletic) - 1162

3. Bahdanovitch Andrey and Aliaxandar (canoe) - 1031

4. Krauchanka Andrey (athletic) - 691

5. Rybakou Andrey (weightlifting) - 540

6. Zhukava Ina - 522 (gymnastic)

7. Mikhnevich Natallia (athletic) - 399

8. Piatrushenka Raman, Vadzim Mahniau (kayak) - 365

9. Karsten Katsiaryna (rowing) - 282

10. Kiryenka Vasil (cycling) - 113

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