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July 8, 2010
Hungarian invention aims to solve football refereeing problems

HUNGARIAN SOLUTION FOR REFEREE BLUNDERS - "Maruzsi system" could be the answer. Here Manuel Neuer of Germany watches the ball bounce over the line from a shot that hit the crossbar from Frank Lampard of England, but referee Jorge Larrionda judges the ball did not cross the line during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Round of Sixteen match between Germany and England at Free State Stadium on June 27, 2010 in Bloemfontein, South Africa. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
by Dobor Dezso, Member, AIPS Executive Committee

BUDAPEST, July 8, 2010 - As says, a series of refereeing blunders have marred the FIFA World Cup 2010 resulting in the second biggest controversy after the vuvuzela and causing FIFA to re-think the use of video technology in football. Until the 'the referees' black day', Sepp Blatter was firmly against using technology to help referees and linesmen make decisions.

Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay) and his linesman Mauricio Espinaso, failed to see that Frank Lampard’s clear goal crossed the line after rattling the sidebar and disallowed the goal which would have made the score against Germany 2-2. Roberto Rosetti (Italy)wrongly awarded an offside goal to Argentina's Carlos Tevez against Mexico. Sepp Blatter,President of FIFA apologised to England and Mexico for refereeing errors on Sunday when both teams were eliminated. These were not the only two refereeing errors in the 2010 World Cup, although they certainly were among the worst.

Koman Coulibaly of Mali disallowed Maurice Edu’s legitimate goal for the United States which would have resulted in them winning the match against Slovenia instead of resulting in a 2-2 draw.

Sepp Blatter has now agreed to put the matter of technology onto the agenda of the International Football Association Board’s (IFAB) next meeting in July 23 in Zurich. However, he clarified that they would only be looking at goalline technology and not video replays. Fifpro, the international player’s union said that it was unacceptable that the matter was being opposed while the football world was in favour of it.

'Black Sunday' events in both Bloemfontein and Soccer City had forced the issue back into FIFA’s own discussions about improving match control (refereeing), as Keir Radnedge, Chairman AIPS Football Commission reported. Blatter said: “We have spent $40m on our referee assistance programmes. Now we will start a new concept of how to improve match control in high level competitions. Something has to be changed.”

A Hungarian inventor, Laszlo Maruzsi offers the solution to the world of soccer without talking a single word about video refereeing. - “I live as a businessman and as a racing driver, trying to implement my ideas creatively,” he says. According to his sytem, the so called "Maruzsi system", following the size of the play field 8-12 cameras record the event, the data served by them are analyzed by a software program, and the result is immediately forwarded through a radio transmitter-receiver to the handle of the linesman’s flag rod.

Blatter said: "We have had a big file sitting on our desk for some months now . . and we have the responsibility in FIFA to take direct measures to prevent the same situation occurring again."

The brand new invention has been designed to serve this kind of responsibility Mr. Blatter mentioned.

What are the advantages of this new system?

· It eliminates the major mistakes that can affect the result of the game, and contributes to correct decisions by the referee.

· The play speeds up, more goals occur and football becomes more continuous and spectacular.

· The referee can concentrate on other events on the field, and monitor the players by running shorter distances.

· Its use eliminates corruption, even the probability thereof.

· The display balls in the stadium can work according to their function.

· Events organized in stadiums become safer.

Phase 1.:

A.) Judging the position of the ball, sending a signal to the linesman rod when the whole of the ball has been passed out of the base-line, the sideline and the goal line.

When the whole of the ball has been passed out of the base-line of the field, the rod of the flag, - triggered by a small engine inside, signals for the assistant referee with a shaking movement and a buzzing sound for three seconds. At the same time, among the control lamps of the flag rod the red lamp on the rod comes on continuously.

If the ball has been passed out of the side line, besides the shaking movement and the buzzing sound, the red light comes on flashing.

When the whole of the ball has been passed beyond the goal line, the green light comes on, together with the shaking movement and the buzzing sound.

B.) Establishing the security system of the sports establishment.

With the installation of further cameras the establishment of the security system of the sports establishment becomes possible through readjusting the Referee system. Thus based on area monitoring – about any unexpected movement – the system sends a signal immediately for the security personnel to the various, optional electronic devices.

Phase 2.:

A.) Judging the off side position, sending immediate signal to the linesman rod.

If the software program identifies an off side position at the moment when the ball is kicked, it transmits a radio signal towards the flag rod. If the assistant referee pushes the button, he will experience the shaking-buzzing signal. In this case among the control lamps, the yellow light comes on for three seconds.

The assistant does not need to be in line with the players: the signal is sent regardless of his position.

B.) Monitoring the players’ movement, facilitating the coaches’ professional work.

The system analyzes the players’ performance through monitoring them. The length of the run, sprinted metres, and the graphic display of the players’ movement at the end of the match but even during the match are available for the experts.

“In my opinion referees would quickly get accustomed to the application of this device and they would use this objective assistance which can be provided for them by this electronic flag”. (Sándor Puhl, expert, four times voted to be the best referee of the world).

Blatter said: ’It’s an ongoing process within FIFA and we will come out in October or November with a new model to improve the standard of refereeing’.

This could perhaps be the MARUZSI SYSTEM!

More information can be found in ten languages on

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