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February 1, 2011
d'SPORTSBUCH'10 - sports chronicled by

by Petz Lahure, President
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LUXEMBOURG, Febraury 1, 2011 - 2010 was indeed an amazing and fascinating sports year for Luxembourg’s athletes! We witnessed amazing performances, high octane emotions and, unfortunately, some shattered expectations as well.

And once again of course, the country’s highest hopes and greatest expectations were focused on professional cycling, namely during the Tour de France.

Of those who consider the glass either half full or half empty, some will, of course, retain Andy Schleck’s amazing performance as runner up in the Tour de France, two years in a row, his two beautiful stage winnings as well as his six days wearing the yellow jersey, while others will most probably ponder the fatal mishaps who barred him from winning the final victory – what would or could have been if those blasted pavestones in Flanders hadn’t proved fatal to his brother Frank... or if his bicycle chain hadn’t betrayed him at a crucial moment in the race? But then again, all this is water under the bridge.

The logical conclusion to this evolution should, of course, lead to the ultimate consecration in the near future. Andy’s runner up position in 2010, at only a handful of seconds from an overall victory, after having been considered a potential winner for a long period of time, raises even higher hopes than in 2009. Least we forget Frank Schleck who, after winning the Tour de Luxembourg in 2009 (the first Luxembourger to do so in 26 years), took his performances up a notch this year by being the first cyclist from Luxembourg to win a stage at the Tour de Suisse, as well as coming in an amazing 5th in the Spanish Vuelta, just a few weeks after his terrible fall.

This kind of crescendo can only lead to the highest positions on the podiums, with the added satisfaction for them as well as for their supporters, to add a bit of national pride to their future performances thanks to the brand new Luxembourgish pro-cycling team currently being set up around the Schleck brothers. The future belongs to them, as it belongs to young Bob Jungels who already went through all the motions as a junior cyclist: Vice European champion in 2009, World Champion in 2010, all the while waiting to take his rightful place among the elite. The future also looks bright for the young swimmers who made lots of waves at highest international levels.

A second title as junior European champion for Raphaël Stacchiotti and a first ever European final for a Luxembourger with Laurent Carnol’s historic 5th position at Budapest are but two of many achievements proving the importance that competition swimming has taken in Luxembourgish sports.

All these achievements, and many more the like of Marie Muller’s who keeps accumulating international podiums, or Anibal Coimbra’s who impressively dominates European power-lifting, can be found in this 16th edition of “d’SPORTSBUCH”, which also includes an amazing selection of last year’s best photos.

A book which effectively reflects the sportive year of 2010, but which carries even higher hopes for 2011, as most of the athletes whose performances marked this amazing season, can look forward to even higher achievements in the future – their most beautiful pages gaving yet to be written.


d’SPORTSBUCH’10 is on sale at the price of 39 €. You can reserve your copy by transferring the sum of 39 € to the account of, IBAN LU60 0030 7286 5525 0000 at lBGL BNP PARIBAS Luxembourg. It will be mailed to you FREE OF CHARGE..

The book is the result of voluntary work. As for the 15 preceding editions, each and every text and every photo were offered free of charge to the editor asbl

English translation: Jean-Pierre Thilges/Hatari Publishing

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