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December 27, 2005
Petz Lahure re-elected as ALPS president

Petz Lahure

During its general assembly held on November 25th 2005 at Frisange, the members of the Luxembourg Sports Journalists Association (ALPS) unanimously re-elected Petz Lahure as their president. Voting was by acclamation. Petz Lahure has been acting president for the last eight years, thus he starts his fifth consecutive two-year-term at the head of Luxembourg’s sports press.

Also re-elected were former committee members Lucien Gretsch (vice-president),Paul Wagner (secretary general), Jacques Joseph (treasurer) as well as André Heinen. With Jeff Lahr, a new sports photographer has joined the committee. Richard Muller, former assistant to the secretary general, was no longer a candidate. Mr. Muller was appointed honorary member, while the president awarded him the association’s gold insignia. Both Romain Gallion and Jean-Paul Kolbusch were also made honorary members. Former association members Nathalie Rovatti and Jean-Paul Kolbusch were appointed as members of special merit. For services rendered to the association, the general assembly also made Henri Bressler and Pit Ludwig members of special merit.

Every year since 1995, the Luxembourg Sports Journalists Association (ALPS) has been publishing its d’SPORTSBUCH (The Book of Sports), a huge volume which reports and comments on the previous year’s sports events. This reference book, aimed at everyone who practises or loves sports in the Grand Duchy, is now in its eleventh year of publication. The annual sports volume of the ALPS has always been an ambitious undertaking, but the 2005 edition aims to be the ultimate reference book. While, since its inception in 1995, it has consistently highlighted the local sports performances through the men and women who achieve them, the 2005 edition is almost entirely devoted to the best among them, the winners of the annual ALPS sports trophies. Our ambition lay in retracing the history of these ALPS sports trophies since their inception. This objective was attained, as we managed to include each and every athlete, as well as each and every team who were ever awarded this supreme award. From famed Charly Gaul who inaugurated the award series in 1954, to fellow cyclist Kim Kirchen in 2004, history as come full circle, while awaiting the 2005 recipients of the awards, whose names might well be known by the time you are reading these lines. The subscription price for the book (208 pages, format 28 by 23 cm) is at 37EUR (postage included).
Please have correct amount transferred to the account of ALPS at Fortis Banque Luxembourg S.A., account number IBAN LU60 0030 7286 5525 000, and please quote “d’SPORTSBUCH 2005”.

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