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April 1, 2012
2014 FIFA World Cup organisers have forgotten the journalists

The living Football Legend Falcao (left) with Jorge Ribeiro and Gabriel Cazenave, yesterday in Salvador da Bahia.
From Jorge Ribeiro, AIPS Bureau

SALVADOR, April 1, 2012- Worried with the problems involving the construction of the Football World Championship in Brazil, Brazilian journalists refuse to be out of the event with their opinions.

Until today, the organisation for the FIFA Cup in 2014 has never asked the participation of the Sport Journalists Association, as usually happens on the building of this universal event.

During the last four days, the 27 delegations of ABRACE (Sports Journalists Association of Brazil) have conducted their annual congress in Salvador da Baía.

Among other matters, they have discussed the dangerous delay in work on the stadia, referred to by the President of FIFA, Josep Blatter. The evidence is so real that Jerôme Valcke, FIFA Secretary General said that "Brazil needs a kick up the backside".

The Executive Committee of ABRACE has asked the organisation (COL), to include journalists on the teams to visit the stadia.

The Congress of ABRACE was attended by Jorge Ribeiro, representing the the Bureau of AIPS, and Gabriel Cazenave, president of AIPS America. Cazenave explained the new dynamic of this Continental Section of AIPS, highlighting the importance to have Brazil again on his Executive Committee, and the opportunity for this during the next Congress which will take place precisely in Brazil (Manaus, next September 4).

Jorge Ribeiro underlined the importance of the AIPS Card in securing accreditation for the big sport events, the next electoral Congress of AIPS (Sochi, within one year), and asked members not to forget the Games of Rio (2016) which seems to have been obscured by the avalanche of football news.

Inside the session the journalists experienced a top moment talking with a legend of the world football: Paulo Roberto Falcão, today 58, who became one of the best stars ever, playing in Brazil and in Italy (where he won the Scudetto for the Giallorossi in Roma). Today, Falcao is the coach of the Bahia team.

Journalists elected the city of Goiânia, in the State of Goiás, for the 39th Congress of ABRACE to be held in March 2013.
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