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September 6, 2012
Pere Miro, Olympic Solidarity IOC Director : Colombia a Sporty model

Director of Olympic Solidarity International Olympic Committee (IOC) Peré Miró. Photo/Maria Constanza Mora Pedraza
by Maria Constanza Mora Pedraza
BOGOTA, September 6, 2012 - Director of Olympic Solidarity International Olympic Committee (IOC) Peré Miró, was visiting the headquarters of Colombian Olympic Committee (COC), Coldeportes, High Performance Centre of Bogotá and different sports venues where he hoped to know personally the processes, athletic movements and projects that Colombia has to strengthen the sport as well as the presentation of the Olympic Solidarity program worldwide and the implications that this has for this country.

After the success Colombia had in London Olympics Games 2012, where eight medals were won, the best participation in its whole history, many eyes have turned to this country with the intent to see and to learn from the sport process that took place to have such a good presentation from its delegation at the highest sports competition.

According to Miró, this is the best time for his visit to Colombia and after the few hours he spent walking the grounds, he said: "this result was not the result of improvisation or chance, I really think that the eight medals that Colombia won at the Olympic Games, were the result of planning, well done and serious work made in long term".

In addition to Peré Miró, successful sports model in Colombia can be defined in three elements: "Unit: between institutions which is essential, Common Sense: because the plan that Colombia has done is very logical, although sometimes logical things are the most difficult and Enthusiasm: which is shown at every step ".

CENTRE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE: The High Performance Centre in height (CAR) is a sports complex with modern facilities where athletes have every opportunity to make comprehensive preparations.

There are soccer fields, tennis courts, athletic stadium, specialised strength unit, mini soccer fields, arenas for table tennis, boxing, fútsala, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics, Olympic pool, archery field among others.

It also has biomedical service centre, which is recognised as the most complete and modern in Latin America. The centre develops the "Program for Prevention and Control of prohibited substances in sports, which joins global fight doping and promote fair play.

That is why World Anti doping Agency (WADA) has recognised Coldeportes as the National Anti doping Organization of Colombia from where also they co-operates with the Central American countries because it is part of the Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO) in Central America and Colombia " Information from Coldeportes.

As for the facilities en Bogotá, Miró has said: "The sports facilities are truly magnificent, a High Performance Centre that I think it is worth for the Colombian athletes to be known and exploited by athletes from the rest of the world, also the fact of the high altitude is very important and gives added value to this place".

THE PROCESS: Currently the High Performance Centre would be missing the globally articulation that it can offer, this country has the facilities and technicians in order to be able to offer a full service to international athletes, a special thing because for Olympic Solidarity-International Olympic Committee athletes peace and comfort is very important. One thing that is required is the completion of the accommodation area, Andrés Botero, director of Coldeportes, who accompanied Peré Miró throughout his visit said that "we are in a very advanced process to get the shelter ready for the start of 2013 , as a high performance center would not be complete without shelter".

Olympic Solidarity of the International Olympic Committee, sees cooperation agreements with the countries affiliated with the IOC, where the beneficiaries are the athletes, it is with the scholarships they get, that they can devote themselves to train more calmly and also the Olympic Solidarity lends support to coaches and managers . To begin in Colombia, the process will start only with the support to athletes and eventually is expected to extend it to others who are part of sports training. It is notably that Mariana Pajón and Usain Bolt both gold medallists at London 2012 in BMX and athletics respectively have been benefited with the Olympic Solidarity scholarships that the International Olympic Committee grant.

Colombia agreements are expect to soon become a reality and offer the best High Performance Centre to world sport.
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