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October 11, 2012
Ski Jumping Committee reviews suits, wind compensation and new host venues

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OBERHOFEN, October 12, 2012 - The implementation of some improvements to the Ski Jumping equipment was a major topic discussed during the FIS Technical Autumn Meetings in Zurich. Mainly this concerned the adjustment of new specification fitted jumping suits after the experiences gained during the FIS Grand Prix summer testing phase. Regardless, the suits will be tighter than in the last years, while the base measurements will now be the athlete's body plus a tolerance of at most two centimetres. Empirical data for the modified suit will be collected throughout the upcoming winter and analysed at the end of the season.

In addition, rules for the starting gate were discussed. Last season, the coaches already had the possibility to lower the start gate by themselves. From now on, the permission to reduce the length of the in-run will be restricted to five gates.

Concerning the wind factor, some changes were proposed. So far a linear coefficient was used to compensate the impact of headwind and tailwind alike. Now the bonus points will be increased by about ten percent when jumping under tailwind conditions, while points are being deducted in case of headwind. Moreover, the wind corridor will be expanded from +/- 1 m/s up to +2/-1 m/s. All these suggested changes will be submitted to the FIS Council on 3rd November for official confirmation.

In addition to presentations by representatives from Sochi 2014 and Falun 2015, the members of the Committee received an in-depth look at the drafts of the FIS Grand Prix and World Cup calendars for the 2013/2014 season. To compliment traditional venues, applications have been presented by new Organisers such as Chaikovsky (RUS). On 31st October, the hills in Sochi, where four World Cup competitions for ladies and men will take place in December 2012, will be homologated.

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