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December 4, 2012
Oscar Tunjo the new teenage star in line for F1 Renault

Colombian Oscar Tunjo.
by Alejandro Munévar Aguilar , AIPS Young Reporter, Colombia

CALI, Colombia, December 4, 2012 - Óscar Tunjo is a 16-year-old from Cali, Colombia. He started racing in go-karts at the age of 3, and he is already one of the 15 pilots enlisted for the Lotus Racing Team.

The teenager indeed had a bright racing future. From the time he was three he was considered as one of the best, in every race he was always trying to be the first.

This enthusiasm has been replicated in form of competence in the biggest championships, that’s why when the Lotus managers saw him they immediately wanted to sign him.

At 14 he was already on his way to becoming a top F1 racer,and being such an expensive sport, some other countries tried to lure him Óscar to obtain their nationality but he rejected.

"I'm proud of being Colombian, I prefer to arrive to the F1 track as a Colombian than having a better economical situation". The Lotus Team talks about Tunjo as one of their important racers, and one of the prospects for the F1 team. Even so they don't know when he is going to be ready for the "First team" they predict it can be in 3 or 4 years, and needs to be prepared not only physically but mentally.

One of the main problems for the Colombian racers is the money, they can be talented but without money they can't do nothing. That’s why the government has invested in Tunjo, they want him to be the racer that takes Colombia again to the F1, know the national trademark "Colombia es la solución" is one of the principal sponsors of Tunjo.

The Golden boy of racing is now part of the Formula Renault, he needs to win everything to arrive to the F1 but he is young, and he as time to learn all the time needed to get back Colombia in the racing map.

You can listen to the full interview with Óscar Tunjo on this link:

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